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Khaos Personified


Jeremiah Wallace is the creative writer and owner of Khaos Personified LLC. He is a dark poet, however all of his creations will not be dark. The goal of this company is to deliver to the world his vision of poetry, music, and novels.


Khaos Personified LLC is a publishing company seeking to share quality poetry and novels. Khaos is the representation of the abyss, a gaping chasm, or dark space. Although Khaos Personified LLC is his company, Jeremiah plans to publish many forms of art. The bird symbols were chosen to represent Jeremiah's passion for writing. And of course since they are associated with writing, thanks to Edgar Allen Poe. A phoenix was selected for our company page to drive the fact that we will always be here and will always rise from the ashes. The raven represents the main theme of poetry that we will be doing: dark poetry. The owl identifies our novels to represent the wisdom that will come from our stories. And the eagle represents the pride and freedom we will have with our music.

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